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PAS Post Adoption Services - English version

Research shows that counseling in an early stage after adoption is useful for many families.

It is highly usual that the families with adoptive children experience challenges in their everyday life or can become uncertain regarding the attachment process.

Post Adoption Services (PAS) is an international term for describing the various types of guidance, support and counseling before and after the adoption. We serve both the adoption families and the adoptees. Denmark is obligated to support this service through The Hague Convention.

The National Board of Appeals adoption secretary (Ankestyrelsens Adoptionssekretariat) administrates and develop PAS in Denmark. In PAS, we offer our services in both national and international adoptions.

For the adoption family we offer:

  • Mandatory PAS-counseling when bringing home a child
  • PAS-counseling for adoption families (20 hours per child)
  • Adoptive parent groups
  • Theme-afternoons to discuss different topics
  • And more.

For the adoptee, we offer:

  • Children groups if you are under the age of 18 years
  • Counseling for adult adoptees over 18 years
  • Adultgroups.

For professionals, we offer:

  • PAS-teaching.

Read more about PAS. Post Adoption Services here

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