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Temporary and occasional work as a psychologist

A citizen of a EU/EEA Member State or a country which the EU has made an agreement with concerning the practising of a regulated profession and who is legally established in a Member State and who is fully qualified to practice as a psychologist in a Member State may work on a temporary and occasional basis as a psychologist in Denmark by using the professional title from the Member State in which the psychologist is established.

Before taking up such temporary and occasional work in Denmark a declaration must be forwarded to the Danish Supervisory Board of Psychological Practice. The declaration should be in writing: letter or e-mail and should contain documentation for name, birth and citizenship (such as copies of relevant pages of passport), documentation for change of birthname, if any (such as marriage certificate), contact information, documentation for recognition of a diploma as a psychologist received in a third country or another EU/EEA Member State as well as documentation for being legally established in a Member State.

(A person is legally established in a Member State if the person meets all the conditions for practising a profession in a Member State and is not - even temporary - prohibited from practising such services).

The declaration is valid for 12 months.

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