Authorisation as a Psychologist

Psychologists in Denmark can apply for authorisation in accordance with the act on the rights and duties of psychologists.

Authorisation is not mandatory for the practice of psychology in Denmark, but it is requested within certain areas of work.

Authorisation can be granted to any person, who has:

1) graduated from a Danish university with a degree in psychology and

2) who has thereafter completed a supplementary, practical education of two years according to the regulations set down by the Supervisory Board.

Do you have a Degree in Psychology from abroad?

Persons with a degree equivalent to the Danish degree in psychology from a university outside Denmark, can also apply for authorisation provided they have completed the supplementary two years of practical education after graduation and provided that they have applied first to the Supervisory Board for recognition of their qualifications from abroad.

For information regarding the recognition of foreign qualifications in psychology please see the section: Professional qualifications as a psychologist from abroad.

What are the conditions to be authorised as a psychologist?

For information about the conditions to be authorised as a psychologist please read the Authorisation Scheme: 

Authorisation Scheme

How do I apply for authorisation?

Application for authorisation requires the completion of an application form, which contains general information, and documentation from the applicant for the completion of the supplementary, practical education.

The Danish Supervisory Board has made available both application form as well as forms for documentation of practical experience and supervision.

Application form and forms for documentation of completion of the practical education

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